Nature vs. Technology

Nature vs. Technology

My project I made in my mixed media class showing gears representing the affect technology and polution has on nature. Colored pencil on mi tienes board.


Las Meninas

In my class, the history of art in early civilization, we did a project where we had to recreate Las Meninas (1656) by Diego Velasquez in our own way. this painting was also recreated by Francisco Goya and Pablo Picasso. This painting is interesting because the artist’s point of few is from looking into a mirror painting himself, and the royal family. In the square mirror behind them are the king and queen’s faces, as if they were coming into the room from the other side and there is a mysterious man lurking in the doorway. In my version I had a royal ancient Egyptian family with the artist chiseling into a wall instead of painting. Instead of the little boy in the corner with a dog, i chose to put a cat and the king and queen are the statues in the background.

My version

Las Meninas- Pablo Picasso (1957)

Las Meninas- Diego Velasquez

Last Show & Tell

So I found this old record album in my parents’ basement. Its Micheal Jackson’s Got to be There. And its from 1971. Just with the typeface alone you can tell it’s from the 70’s. It was really interesting to look at, not only because of how different Michael looked back then but also how much the style of music covers have changed. I noticed the Motown logo in the bottom right corner has changed over the years too. But all the Motown records always had the same design on the actual record. Here are some examples of the logos over the years.

New Pepsi Logos

These are the new pepsi logos. they’re not that different from the original logo that had a ying yang look to it, same colors and shape, but the white line in the middle varies depending on what type of pepsi it is. diet Pepsi has a thinner white line, while Pepsi max has a thicker one. I noticed this while walking in Wal-mart one day. Although I don’t especially like the new logo compared to the previous one, I think the varying line adds a creative touch.

Jell-O Logos

I found two examples of the Jell-O logo showing how much they have changed throughout history. The first one is from 1921 and the 2nd one is from present day. They kept the same basic title and similar typeface, but the overall look has changed a lot.